Vintage Woodworks is a locally owned and family operated business specializing in the manufacture, refinish and repair of antique and hardwood flooring.  We also replicate or manufacture moldings and wood trim.

Refinishing and Repair

Below is an historic home in Havre de Grace. The repair is on a red oak floor with walnut inlays.


Laurrapin Grille before,                         stained,


                                   and . . . refinished with poly.

We can manufacture flooring from new or antique material ranging from 2 1/2" to 6" width.  We have also milled flooring from specific trees on a customer's property.

Vintage, Industrial Equipment
Established in 1992 by Mark Broomell, Vintage Woodworks is equipped with antique industrial woodworking machinery dating as far back as 1894.
1894 S.A. Woods Moulder 

1911 Crescent Planer

Oakley Stroke Sander

1934 Crescent Planer Matcher

1938 American Ripsaw

The furniture and flooring are manufactured from a variety of local woods such as antique heart pine, antique white cedar, wormy chestnut, walnut, wormy maple, cherry, red oak, white oak and many others.  

The farm tables are constructed with antique heart pine beams recycled from a building constructed in 1902 located on the Edgewood Arsenal. The beams are estimated to be over 200 years old and the farm table design effectively displays the rich beauty of the wood.

The antique white cedar was recycled from the Curtis Paper Mill in Newark, Delaware - the first paper mill in the United States to make Bible parchment. A band saw mill allows for the resawing of old beams reclaimed from local buildings as well as for the manufacture of wood flooring from trees located on your own property.   


Other manufactured items include timber mantel pieces and trim from a wide variety of profiles. For over 20 years Vintage Woodworks has been hired by individual homeowners as well as a variety of local businesses such as Harmony Chapel, The Laurrapin Grille, The Vandiver, Havre de Grace Maritime Museum, The Rampant Lion, Chiaparelli’s, Pasquelli’s - just to name a few.  

      Pasquelli’s Heartpine tables and Heartpine bartop